Western men have a serious attraction to Asian women. Whether it is with a Chinese, Vietnamese, or Thai girl, there is a common misconception is that sex will be better. While everyone has their own taste, and sex is unique to any different human being, we will now go deeper into this myth.

Why did this potentially harmful attraction come into being? One of the reasons was that gossip was spread that Asian women’s vaginas are much tighter than any other. There are sexual stereotypes about women from all ethnicities but the Asian stereotypes go way deeper.

What Caucasian men believe is that Asian women are quiet and submissive. This is a huge attraction to Western men, who love to be the dominant figure in a relationship. It is becoming more and more a hardcore fetish. Not like the regular ones, like for example, foot fetish.

Ideally, women on the West tend to become a lot more independent and career-oriented. Not in a bad, of course, way but there is a growing attraction to more delicate attributes. East Asians women will generally be more small and slim.

Another common misconception is that Asians have the tightest vaginas. A tight vagina has literally become a dream to both men and women. Western women have a growing fear that they are not hot enough if their vagina is not tight. At the same time, men act disrespectfully towards women as a whole with their distorted thinking.

There is no proof yet to support these claims but they lead to a lot of bad experiences for Asian women. As we already said, sex is a different experience for anyone. Some men will feel like the Asian woman they have been with is tighter than any other. Others will say that there is no difference whatsoever.

In the end, what may feel better for Caucasian men is that they think an Asian girl will preserve the Western stereotype of the perfect woman. While women in Europe and America are tall and sophisticated, Asian women are beautiful, small and feminine. Are they tighter? In some cases, this could be the case. This could be simply because their bodies are naturally smaller. Men love to speculate on what they have not yet experienced. In the end, sex will be just as good as you make it, no matter what race or ethnicity the woman is from.