In today’s society, white men are becoming increasingly attracted to Asian women. In most nations, intercultural relationships were once prohibited. Nowadays, they are the most common thing. Where does this whole attraction of Caucasian men towards Asians find its roots?

Basically, everything begins with the popular myths about Asian vaginas and their tightness. Then, we can totally put the blame on social media, porn and anime, which popularize Asian culture but often enough in a sexualized way. Finally, Asian women commonly have small, skinny bodies, and their beauty is noteworthy. All those factors combined lead to an attraction which is more like a fetish.

Are East Asian women really more submissive and more feminine? Well, as with anything, it depends on the way they were raised. We cannot generalize a whole culture. There is neither proof nor is it right to do so.

If some Asian women are more submissive, it could be for several reasons.

Confucianism is possibly one of the deepest reasons. Confucianism is a philosophy followed by several Asian cultures. What it teaches is that there is a hierarchy. For example, a son obeys his father, and the father has to obey officials. Women obey their fathers and husbands. It is ancient teaching that is deeply ingrained in East Asian cultures. In a lot of ways, Confucianism is followed to this very day.

Furthermore, Asian cultures have followed Western trends since the 20th century. America and Europe are the continents which control the trends and set the standards for beauty. Therefore, Asian women have always been compared to Western women. At the moment, western culture grows more individualistic and this lets Asian women stand out as collectivistic, which can be appealing to men.

One thing that has been going around through word of mouth is that East Asian women want to be dominated in bed. The word is that they do not do so much in bed. Instead, they prefer to let the male do whatever he wants. There is a stereotype that white men are very dominant. This could possibly be one of the main reasons why White Men expect East Asian women to be submissive. It’s wrong, of course. People should only be submissive of their own volition.

To sum up, East Asian women have the notoriety of being the most submissive women on Earth. Of course, this is wrong. While culture may push things in that direction, there’s no evidence showing East Asian women prefer men to be the dominant figure in a relationship. What we can all agree on is that East Asian women are incredibly beautiful and feminine and that they can be good partners in bed and life