There is no myth in the world more untrue than that of Asian women and their vaginas. Not only is it not true, but the expectation of a tight vagina is really stressful and harmful to women. The question is: Where did it really start and how did it get to this?

Womanhood has been twisted and sexualized for centuries. Nowadays, however, it has gotten completely out of hand. Tight vaginas are literally worshipped. They are considered a sign of virginity and of beauty.

Furthermore, psychologically, a tighter vagina has become a seductive and appealing feature for both men and women. This is because men love penetration. A tighter vagina creates the assumption that sex will be better.

Where did Asians get the reputation of having the smallest and tightest vaginas? Do they really? If you Google it or watch a few Porn videos, the answer will be yes. However, these are the worst possible sources of information.

The whole belief must have started from the distinctive fact that Asian girls are often very petite. Logically, if their overall size is smaller, then their organs will be smaller. This, however, does not prove that Asian women have the tightest vaginas.

Every human being is unique. We cannot put a whole race under a stereotype without any real evidence. The vagina is made of elastic tissues, supported by muscles. The size and depth of the canal are different for every woman. There is actually no correlation between your vagina size and your height or weight for example.

This myth could only be based on personal experience and hearsay. For example, two different men will feel one woman differently because their penis sizes will be different. Someone may have been with a few tight Asian women and his friend may have had a completely different experience.

To sum up, if there is no general evidence of this myth, we cannot generalize the vaginas of a whole race. Not only is it wrong, but it affects women as a whole, and it places male pleasure at the forefront of sexual encounters. This myth does more harm than good to women. Instead of size being the main focus, there are much more important factors, like mutual pleasure and appraisal. Men could think less about the size of the vagina in front of them and more about how to keep their woman satisfied.